“Scott is a gifted healer.  He brings his kindness, presence, and intuition to each session.  I received the basic 10 series and some movement sessions from Scott. When I first came to see him I had restricted movement in my shoulders and low back, I also had constant knot along my right shoulder blade. The sessions where actually quite enjoyable and not painful at all, he knows how to find “the edge” where release happens without it being painful. The knot disappeared forever after about the 7th session. I now have total range of movement in my shoulders and low back. My flexibility has increased dramatically as seen in my yoga practice. During the movement sessions Scott taught me awareness of where my energy gets stuck and how to move so that my body stays fluid. I use this awareness everyday and I feel 20 years younger. I am now determined to take great care of this healthy “new” body.”

– Anna O’Brian, CMT

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of having Scott work with me and was amazed at how much energy was released in the process. I always felt I could trust him to respond to what my body needed, and even though the work was intense at times, I knew I was literally in good hands. He has both the strength and sensitivity to make you feel well cared for while he does the work of loosening your tight body and taking you through the Rolfing process.”

– Connie. S 

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