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Scott’s first experience with Rolfing was as a client. As a competitive mountain bike racer, Scott had a mountain bike accident, which left him critically injured with several broken bones.  Rehabilitation was slow and painful and kept him off the bike and from doing many other activities that he loved for several months.  A good friend of his had just finished his training at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO and suggested to Scott that he try a few Rolfing sessions.  Rolfer Scott


It only took one session for Scott to feel better than he had in many months and realize the profound affect that Rolfing can have on the body.  He continued through then ten series and by the end of it, he was back on his bike again and back to doing all his favorite activities.  Scott’s experience with the Rolfing sessions were such a significant turning point in his life, that after the completion of his ten series, he knew wanted to be able to share this same experience with many others in the world that may be suffering from injuries, pain, stress or etc, and thus left a successful corporate career to pursue his training as a Certified Rolfer™.

Carolyn began her professional career as an accountant in 1992 after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration from California State University, Long Beach. Carolyn has always been health conscious-eating right, exercising regularly and participating in many athletic sports.

Rolfer Carolyn

She has always been comfortable in her body, but experienced a lot of tension and restrictions in her body. It wasn’t until Scott mentioned Rolfing to her that she become curious of the work and the possibility and potential for changes in her current posture.  Her initial ten session Rolfing series had such a profound effect on her posture and her overall sense of well-being, that she was extremely excited about her experience and wanted to share this remarkable experience with the world, so she decided to leave her career as an accountant and embarked on a life changing journey to become a Certified Rolfer™.


Scott & Carolyn were married on a snowboarding trip in Mammoth Mountain, CA on January 1st, 2010 and a few shorts weeks after getting married, they moved to Boulder CO, to build a Rolfing practice that would help alleviate pain, suffering, injuries and improve the quality of life for individuals through the Rolfing process, just as it did for them.

They are the Rolfing® Burds!  :-)

The Rolfing Burds

The Rolfing Burds

2810 N. Speer Blvd. Denver, CO 80211

(303) 552-2719

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